01. The hurricane force winds [snapped] the telephone poles like they were matchsticks.
02. It is considered impolite to [snap] your fingers at a waiter or waitress in this country.
03. She closed her suitcase with a [snap], and went out to the car.
04. Be careful of that dog. I tried to pet him, and he [snapped] at me.
05. Little Vlado [snapped] the arms and legs off his Buzz Lightyear action figure.
06. Branches [snapped] under our feet as we walked through the bush.
07. Sandra is in a bad mood. I just asked her why she wasn't coming to the party, and she [snapped] at me.
08. She was really stressed for a while and then she just [snapped] and starting screaming and throwing things around the office.
09. The dog [snapped] at my neighbor's son and almost bit him.
10. The little boy couldn't do up the [snaps] on his winter jacket so the teacher helped him.
11. The guys were [snapping] their fingers in time to the music.
12. When I asked her if she wanted some help, she [snapped] at me and then ran crying out of the room.
13. I heard a loud [snap] and then the branch fell on my head.
14. She [snapped] her book shut and put it in her bag.
15. The door of the car [snapped] shut when I got out to put a letter in the mailbox.
16. The poles for the tent are very easy to [snap] into position.
17. Grandma is generally quite patient, but her self-control [snapped] on Sunday when the children started fighting and knocked over her china cabinet.
18. He sat at the table, [snapping] his fingers in time to the music.
19. The policeman completely [snapped] when he saw his partner lying dead in the alley.
20. The little girl was very proud because she was able to do up the [snaps] on her sweater all by herself.
21. Barracudas are fierce hunters, [snapping] up other fish.

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